GDIF 2024 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 23 August-8 September 2024

Statement of Environmental Intent

FESTIVAL.ORG acknowledges the complex connections between the changes in the world’s climate and the subsequent environmental and social challenges that many people across the world are facing. We recognise our responsibility in reducing our carbon and environmental footprints, in line with scientific evidence and sector guidance, in order to play a full role in tackling these challenges.

The organisation is committed to following the best environmental practices in the day to day conduct of its business and management of its resources and facilities. We aim to use policies and procedures that will ensure the conservation of natural resources while minimising any adverse environmental impact from our operations and ultimately reduce our C02 emissions.

FESTIVAL.ORG are at a critical moment where practices and current knowledge are undergoing a full review, with the intention of making relevant and manageable changes to our working, in order to more accurately understand our carbon footprint, with a view to reducing this moving forward.

We have adapted our thinking to move towards more sustainable practices, embedded throughout the organisation. We will see measurable change through training & upskilling, adaptations to operations & procurement, considered programming choices which champion environmental action, and through smarter, more accurate data collection.

We adhere to the following four principles as set out in the Industry Green Framework:

1)  Commitment to respond meaningfully to the climate change challenge
2) Understanding our environmental impacts
3) Acting to minimise our impacts and improve environmental performance
4) Reporting and communicating our environmental impacts and our efforts to reduce them

FESTIVAL.ORG is committed to understanding, measuring, improving and communicating its environmental performance. We observe existing environmental legislation as a minimum standard and will seek to out-perform current legislative requirements where practical, and are working on a strategy to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To ensure that we are taking action aligned with science-based targets to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we have pledged to significantly reduce our climate impacts (annual Green House Gas emissions and other impacts) by 2025 with Vision2025.

Our ability to improve our environmental impacts depends on our knowledge of and commitment to addressing them and our capacity to change and influence decisions not always within our immediate control. We will exert our efforts as much as possible to understand, measure, improve; and to communicate our environmental performance.

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