Presented By Ofir Yudilevitch


Part of Dancing City

4 & 5 September

Duration: 30 mins

What to Expect: Speech free


This highly playful performance combines dance and acrobatics and explores the joy in simply letting gravity take charge. As two acrobats bounce and roll on an outdoor airmat, they realise that no matter how complex their acrobatic feats, ultimately, gravity is the driving force that they can either surrender to it or push against.

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Site Access

Visit the Dancing City page for full site access information.

Show Access


  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Assistance Dogs Welcome

Access content will be available online via your mobile phone. Please bring a charging pack if you are concerned about battery use.


Large-print and Easy Read versions of the festival brochure will be available to download in advance or to pick up on the day. Visit our Access page for more information.

Notes for Audience

No speech, music does add to the performance but does not lead the story. One track has lyrics – Easy by Son Lux.

Where to find it

Gravitas will be performed as part of Dancing City at Jubilee Plaza, Canary Wharf, E14 5NY.

About the company

In his pieces, Ofir seeks to embody an extreme physicality, some of which come from his background as an acrobat and Capoeira teacher. His interest lies in stretching the limits of his performer’s bodies and capabilities and broadening the borders of what is considered dance and choreography.

The duet Gravitas is impressive in Ofir and Asher’s passion to use their bodies to discover the movement possibilities that are born from giving in to gravity… The beauty lies in the mixture between the extreme physical effort and its fusion with the pleasure of the embraced fall. This type of material can broaden the borders of movement in dance. – Ruth Eshel, Haaretz

Supported by

Gravitas is co-produced by Hazira and Bat Yam International Street Festival, The Choreographers’ Association, Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports and supported by the Embassy of Israel.

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