GDIF 2022 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 26 August-11 September 2022

Presented By Stephanie Lüning | UK Premiere

Island of Foam: Version XVIII

2 - 3 September | 6pm | Greenwich Peninsula

Duration: 60mins

What to Expect: Family friendly | Great for Kids | Sensory spectacle | Speech free


Multi coloured and mesmerising, this UK premiere from German artist Stephanie Lüning will transform Greenwich Peninsula with mountains of rainbow coloured foam.

Marvel as this ephemeral installation is created live by the artist, growing, reproducing and constantly changing as it envelopes architectural features.

This sublime and entrancing transformation of public space explores the limits of painting as the artist selects and blends colours which take mountainous form and dimensions before the artwork finally disappears.

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How to attend

Island of Foam is free to attend.

More information on how to attend will be published soon.

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Audio Description.

Easy Read.

Speech Free. 

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Island of Foam: Version XVIII Trailer


Stephanie Lüning is a female artist from Germany. Her main focus lies on ephemeral, process based art in public spaces and on interactive based art. With these different methods and attempts she tries to fathom (play with) the generic limits of “painting” and its “open-ended” results.

Supported by

Island of Foam: Version XVIII  is supported by Greenwich Peninsula.

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