Autumn Glow

Part of Newham Unlocked Festival

1 October

Duration: 2 hours

What to expect: Great for Kids, Make some noise, On the Move, Sensory spectacle, Theatre


As the days shorten, this free community celebration  brings a warming programme of illuminated art, performance and street food to Beckton.

With processions, puppets and a chorus of oversized lips performing disco classics, this local celebration through street arts is guaranteed to leave you with an autumn glow.

The Lips, Puppets with Guts
Lightweight, Impossible Arts
Ghost Caribou, Thingumajig Theatre


Site Access

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Where to find it

Kingsford Square, Beckton, E6 5JQ

About the company

Puppets with Guts

Thingumajig Theatre

Supported by

Part of Newham Unlocked Festival. Produced by FESTIVAL.ORG.

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