On Your Doorstep: Eltham (Well Hall Pleasaunce)

Saturday 12 September 2020, 1-3pm | 4-6pm

Type: Circus, Dance, Street Games, Theatre


If you are an Eltham resident, why not come along and see some effortlessly cool circus tricks, family-friendly physical comedy theatre and newly adapted, socially distanced acrobatics?

General Release tickets available from Thursday 6 August at 12 noon

What's On

Greenwich Fair | Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

Roll Play

Simple Cypher

Returning to GDIF for a tour of 3 different “On Your Doorstep” locations, prepare to be amazed by the explosive tricks and artful dexterity as three performers blur the boundaries between hip hop and circus, using intricate moves and virtuosic agility to give a captivating, cheeky and effortlessly cool performance.

About the company

Graduates from the National Centre for Circus Arts, Kieran Warner & Christopher Thomas came together to combine their circus training with their passion for Hip Hop. The company uses key fundamentals of hip hop culture; style, originality and unity, whilst connecting art forms focusing on innovation through play.

Supported by

Roll Play is supported by Without Walls and Brighton Festival; Norfolk and Norwich Festival; Salisbury International Arts Festival, part of Wiltshire Creative, and Hat Fair.  Further funding and support from Arts Council England, 101 Outdoor Arts and Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

Get Happy

Told by an Idiot

A perfect antidote to lockdown, one of the UK’s leading innovative theatre companies has reinvented one of its best-loved family shows for the outdoors. Featuring (socially distanced) physical comedy, live music, acrobatics, hip hop and audience interaction, this quirky show is an invitation to smile and follow the instructions on the tin.

About the company

“Told by an Idiot explores the human condition through theatre that is bigger than life. We acknowledge the artifice of performance and make no attempt to put reality on stage, but we inhabit the space between laughter and pain which exists in the real world. Our work is rooted in the live event and thrives on a sense of spontaneity and risk, celebrating the unpredictability of performance. Our commitment to accessibility informs the entwined relationship between our productions and our participation work. We take creative risks, we tell universal stories and we include everyone.”

Supported by

The original production of Get Happy was commissioned by the Barbican Centre, London.

To Untouch


This new socially distanced show has been created in direct opposition to Mimbre’s usual ways of working; instead of exploring what happens when one body is carried by another, these virtuosic acrobats are now examining what happens when they are not so reliant on physical contact, instead mimicking the very idea of ‘touch’ whilst remaining untouched.

About the company

Devised and performed by Silvia Fratelli, Rosy Roberts and Freya Stokka.

Mimbre is a female-led company creating nuanced, breathtaking and highly skilled acrobatic theatre. We use circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections and promote a positive image of women.


Site Access

There is level access to the performance locations.

Viewing area

A priority area for disabled audiences will be marked with a sign or flag. Space for wheelchair users, and a variety of seating options will be available. GDIF volunteers will offer directions from the nearest station.

Accessible Toilets

Information coming soon.

Blue badge parking

Information coming soon.

Photo route

Coming soon.

Contact Alex if you have any Access questions:
alex@festival.org | 07899 893 935


Large-print and Easy Read versions of the festival brochure will be available to download in advance or to pick up on the day.

An Audio brochure and BSL interpreted brochure will be available online.

Roll Play

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

What to Expect: SF

Get Happy

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

An Audio Description about the show will be available online in advance.

BSL interpretation about the show will be available online in advance.

To Untouch 

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

Where to find it

On Your Doorstep: Well Hall Pleasaunce, Eltham will be performed at Well Hall Pleasaunce, Well Hall Rd, London, SE9 6SN.


Well Hall Pleasaunce

Supported by

On Your Doorstep is supported by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Royal Greenwich Festivals, Arts Council England and Without Walls. 

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