GDIF 2022 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 26 August-11 September 2022

Presented By Karel Casier and Aat Dirks

B.V Natuur | On Your Doorstep

28 August | 2pm & 5pm | Avery Hill Park | On Your Doorstep

What to Expect: Great for Kids | Speech free


The environment is in danger. Forests are on fire, ocean levels are rising but don’t worry, becase the green fingered men from B.V. Natuur are on their way to save the day!  

Slapstick comedy and playful physical theatre come together in this irreverent theatre piece that asks, can nature be repaired?  

Using their crane-truck, Aat and Karel attempt to build a tree, version 2.0. Will they succeed or cause irreparable damage?  

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How to attend

B.V Natuur is free to attend.

Site access information will be published 18 August.

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Speech Free.

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GDIF 2022 Trailer


Karel Casier and Aat Dirks regularly encountered each other at street theatre festivals. They both use physical wordless comedy and create their own sets. Karel toured solo his  soloshow RedtheCat  whilst Aat created Sulky M1 and DESPOOT. Here they are joining their combined talents for B.V. Natuur.

Supported by

B.V Natuur is supported by Royal Greenwich Festivals, Flanders House and Arts Council England.

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