GDIF 2024 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 23 August-8 September 2024

Global Streets

Global Streets is a national network of partners that co-creates and presents international outdoor arts events with communities living and working in places which are underserved by the arts. We are focused on working with local people to deliver free, spectacular international productions which lift people’s spirits and bring communities together.

A further three years of funding has just been announced by Arts Council England, meaning our Global Streets partners are also currently making plans for a new season of productions to run from October 2023, with further details to be announced soon.

Our partners identify productions which enable local people to engage and feel invested in their neighbourhoods, high streets and town centres. Fully integrated audience development, supported by  participation, forges connections across diverse communities, and as a result Global Streets productions resonate powerfully with local aspirations and stories.

Since 2015, Global Streets partners have brought over 280 performances public spaces across England, reimagining them as accessible outdoor theatres for which nobody needs a ticket. The programme has reached over 800,000 audience members and participants to date.

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