GDIF 2020 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival | 19 June – 4 July 2020

Global Streets

Global Streets is a national programme that is inspiring local change through unforgettable international outdoor arts experiences coupled with targeted engagement activities.

Funded by Arts Council England and managed by FESTIVAL.ORG, Global Streets gives voice to people in Barking and Dagenham, Birmingham, Doncaster, Hounslow, Hull, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Slough and Woolwich – together representing some of the least arts-engaged areas in the country. Since 2015, more than 220,000 people have experienced a variety of international productions, each embedded with unique and locally imagined opportunities for people to get involved.

L'Atelier and Friends of Crusoe

Toc de Fusta

Test your mind and skill with these intriguing, mechanical puzzles, all beautifully handcrafted from wood. Suitable for children and adults alike, this Catalan company invites you to explore, enjoy, and take time to play.

Part of Dagfest, Barking & Dagenham, 15 June

Cristal Palace

Transe Express

Fusing dance, music, acrobatics and spectacle, Woolwich and Liverpool will be transformed into a glittering outdoor ballroom, with the help of a giant overhead chandelier, in this high-flying, immersive production from internationally acclaimed Transe Express.

Part of Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, Woolwich, 21 June

Liverpool, details to be announced


Stalker Teatro

A bridge between contemporary art and performance, Steli is an interactive and vibrant piece, offering its audience the opportunity to create a huge structure made out of colourful wooden sticks. Once the hard work is done, everyone can explore their creation by walking under, around, and through it, accompanied by a lively soundtrack.

Slough town centre and Langley Carnival, 13 July


Close Act Theatre

A trio of unusual optical creatures have landed and as they look down from above they are curious to find out more about the city. An intriguing interactive walkabout show which encourages you to reflect on seeing the world from a different perspective.

Part of Summer in Southside Festival, Birmingham, 13 & 14 July

The Invasion


Featuring an interplanetary expedition of immigrants from outer space, the different alien species of The Invasion have one thing in common – they’re bright pink! This interactive performance is all about difference, inclusion, and exclusion, as these newcomers attempt to understand and find their place in our world.

Part of Summer in Southside Festival, Birmingham, 13 & 14 July

Dance Me

Theater Ultima Thule

Dance Me is the only giant puppet in Europe in which the public can participate; in fact, he only exists thanks to the public taking the reins. Standing tall above mere humans, the audience becomes puppeteer, manipulating him into moving and dancing to a joyful soundtrack.

Part of One Borough Festival, Barking & Dagenham, 20 July

Celebrate Luton Street Fest, Luton, 30 August

The Senses

A3 Teatr

Surreal and absurd, A3 Teatr’s The Senses will be interacting with whatever and whomever they meet in Leicester. In a performance that includes song, dance, cabaret, and the opportunity for children to search for treasure up the ‘Huge Nose’. The Senses is a treat for the whole family.

Part of City Festival, Leicester, 20 & 21 August

2 B Seen


Hairdressing becomes theatre in the grand barbers’ chairs of Osadia. Creating original and provocative exhibitions of sophisticated make-up and hair art, set to fantastic music mixes, the audience is transformed as the central performer on stage, as styling becomes a showpiece to enthral all those around.

Part of City Festival, Leicester, 22 & 23 August

Celebrate Luton Street Fest, Luton, 31 August


Générik Vapeur

Blue men and women burst onto the streets with a wave of smoke and sound, transporting the city into a punk infused daydream. French street arts titans, Générik Vapeur, have been lighting up cities across Europe for 30 years with smoke, flame, oil drums and mayhem as an enormous troupe of blue men and women lay siege to the city. Joined by a cast of local people for a processional show with Rock’n’Shock music and pyrotechnics, they vanish as quickly as they arrived.

Part of Hull Freedom Festival, 30 August


Compagnie L'Homme Debout

Accompanied by the beautiful spirit of the Bird of Freedom, a giant woman puppet arrives. She has travelled a long way, gathering stories along the way, and now it is time to pass on those hopes and dreams to the next generation. As she explores, she learns about the dreams and struggles of those past and present who have contributed to the story of Doncaster. This spectacular performance features giant puppets, performances by local choirs, and a celebration of the people of the town.

Doncaster, 13 September

Old Homestead

Teatr Wagabunda

An old Polish homestead lands on the high street, inviting passers-by to participate in old fun and games, such as shooting with a catapult, fighting with bags, playing music with saws, bowling in an old alley, and exercising in a wooden gym.

Hounslow, 28 September, 11am-5pm, Bell Square

Big Dancers

El Carromato

Six giant marionette puppets take over the streets, interacting with the entire audience, whether by day or illuminated at night. With synchronised lighting and a high-energy soundtrack, this is a bold, fun show for an Instagram generation.

Barking & Dagenham, 22 & 23 November, 5-8pm, Barking Riverside

Hounslow, 9 November, details to be announced


2015-18 on Film

2015-18 in Numbers

  • 10 partners
  • 15 productions
  • 45 performances
  • 171,081 audience members
  • 9,853 Participants
  • 45%  low arts engagers, compared to 17% in national audiences
  • 76% low or mid arts engagers, compared to 62% in national audiences
  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that ‘the event was enjoyable’
  • 78% say Global Streets gives them pride in their local area
  • 62% identify positive community change as a result of Global Streets events
  • 50% say Global Streets events help them understand people from other cultures
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