GDIF 2022 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 26 August-11 September 2022

Presented By Cia Maduixa


10 - 11 September | 5.10pm | Canary Wharf, Riverside

Duration: 35mins

What to Expect: Family friendly | Kick back and relax | Speech free


Four migrant women fight for a new place to call home.

After being driven from their homeland, they  navigate a perilous journey, to arrive in country that doesn’t want them. Facing invisible boundaries and prejudices, they struggle to find a new place to put down roots.

Following their previous appearance at GDIF with Mulier (Women), Maduixa (Spain) return with this emotional and timely production is featuring through poignant physical storytelling on stilts, set against the backdrop of the Thames at Canary Wharf as part of this year’s Dancing City.

More information on Migrare

How to attend

Migrare is free to attend.

More information on how to attend will be published soon.

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Speech Free.

Check out our Access Information page for GDIF 2022 to learn more about our access practices.

Migrare Trailer



Cia Maduixa

Since its foundation in 2004, the Maduixa Company elaborates artistic hall and street theatre creations for all audiences. Research and a mix of disciplines are the creative engine of each production. The objective is to explore fresh scenic languages and to risk always creating their own original stories.

Supported by

Migrare is supported by Canary Wharf Group, the developer of the largest urban regeneration project in Europe.

They are a commercial and residential property company who, as owner, manager and developer, is responsible for the regeneration of 128 acres of the once-derelict Docklands district of East London. Our purpose is to transform urban spaces into extraordinary environments.

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