GDIF 2022 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 26 August-11 September 2022

Presented By Arjan Kruidhof, Lân Fan Taal & Explore the North 

The Relaxerette

9 - 10 September | 1pm | Rathbone Market, Royal Docks

Duration: 4hours

What to Expect: Great for Kids | Kick back and relax | Participate | Speech free


Escape the rush of everyday life at the most relaxing fairground ride in the world. 

For two days only, Rathbone Market in the bustling heart of Canning Town is the setting for an escape into another world. Lie back in a hammock, look up at the sky, put on your headphones and listen to soothing words and stories as you gently revolve on your journey into the sky.  

This reflective and relaxing fairground ride with a difference invites you to enjoy new and surprising perspectives inspired by local stories, poetry and sound from the city around you. 

Please note De Relaxerette is suitable for ages 7+ / minimum heigh 1.2m.

You will need to remove your shoes to ride.

It is unadvisable for those who experience muscle spasms to participate. The audio experience will be available for all audiences to enjoy via a QR code on site.

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How to attend

The Relaxerette is free to attend.

Site access information will be published 18 August. 

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Speech Free.

Check out our Access Information page for GDIF 2022 to learn more about our access practices.

The Relaxerette Trailer


Concept: Arjan Kruidhof 

Writers: Vaseem Khan & Rachael Baubeng. Jane Grell & Deborah Walliker

Supported by

The Relaxerette is supported by the Royal Docks team, Arts Council England and Global Streets.  

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