GDIF 2024 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 23 August-8 September 2024

Presented By Ulik Robotik

Robo Pole

10 - 11 September | 1.00pm, 2.10pm, 3.05pm | Canary Wharf Riverside

Duration: 8min

What to Expect: Dance | Family friendly | Speech free


A man and a robot. Human being and machine.

The story behind RoboPole is as short as it is epical. A man, who looks like he could be the engineer, and a robot try to experiment… Hesitant at first, but more and more playfully they venture to new heights.

RoboPole is a powerful visual show. The discipline of the Chinese Pole itself is fascinating, but in RoboPole it culminates in a totally new perspective… The robot comes to life and lifts the artist–literally–to a new level.

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How to attend

Robo Pole is free to attend.

Site Access 

There is level access to all Dancing City performance locations.   

Modern site with level access across. Some sites are accessed via public lifts. 

Viewing area 

A priority area for disabled audiences will be marked with a sign or flag. Space for wheelchair users, and a variety of seating options will be available at each performance site. 

On-site walking distances  

This is a large festival site. Some sites are a 40 minute walk between. Most are within 10 minutes. Check the map and brochure on the day to plan your route across site. 

Respite and Access Areas 

Access Area at Canary Riverside. Meet here for access information. 

Accessible Toilets 

They are located as follows:   

  • Cabot Place, Mall Level -1, near City of London Drycleaners & Leon  
  • Canada Place, Mall Level -1, at the end of the corridor opposite Robert Dyas  
  • Churchill Place, Mall Level -1, behind James Shoe Care  
  • Jubilee Place, Mall Level -1, adjacent to Seoul Bird  
  • Crossrail Place, Mall Level -3 via lift adjacent to the Notes Coffee Roasters & Bar  

All of these locations also have accessible facilities. In addition, the accessible toilets in Canada Place and Churchill Place both have hoist facilities.   

Blue badge parking  

Cabot Square Car Park   

Canada Square Car Park   

Jubilee Place Car Park   

Westferry Circus Car Park  

Access drop-off point 

Canary Riverside  

Photo route 

Available to download in the ‘Where to Find it’ section below.


For Access questions, contact [email protected] // 07899 893 935   

Other audience questions, contact our Box Office: [email protected] 


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Speech Free.

Check out our Access Information page for GDIF 2022 to learn more about our access practices.

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Supported by

Robo Pole at Dancing City is supported by Canary Wharf Group and Arts Council England.

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