GDIF 2022 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 26 August-11 September 2022

Presented By Air Giants


9 - 10 September | 8pm | Bethnal Green Gardens

Duration: 2.5hours

What to Expect: Great for Kids | Participate | Speech free


A garden like no other as nature, art and technology combine to create something spectacular.  

This beautiful installation celebrates the wonder and intelligence of nature’s designs. It’s a place where the plants know that you have come to visit and reach out to connect.  Light, colour and sound combine with cutting-edge soft robotics, to create an enchanting and ever-changing dreamscape.

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How to attend

Unfurl is free to attend.

Site access information will be published 18 August.

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Audio Description. 

Speech Free.

Check out our Access Information page for GDIF 2022 to learn more about our access practices.

GDIF 2022 Trailer



Air Giants is a new creative robotic studio founded in 2020, by a small team of roboticists, designers and software engineers. The studio is passionate about creating emotionally effective motion at a scale which is thought-provoking and transporting, as well as expanding the notion of what large robots can be used for. 


The company’s work sits at the intersection of art and science. It draws on the rich history of performing arts such as theatre and puppetry to deliver exciting encounters with robots which have lasting impact. 

Supported by

Unfurl is supported by Tower Hamlets Council, Arts Council England and Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Timber Festival  

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