GDIF 2018 21 June – 7 July Free Entry

Global Streets

Global Streets is a three-year national touring programme – supported by Arts Council England through the Strategic Touring Programme – that sets out to transform communities by bringing the very best international outdoor arts to towns and cities across the country where there is low engagement with the arts.

Founded and managed by FESTIVAL.ORG, the ten Global Streets partners work together to enable audiences in Hounslow, Birmingham, Doncaster, Barking & Dagenham, Liverpool, Hull, Woolwich, Slough, Leicester and Luton to enjoy extraordinary participative outdoor performances by international artists.

2018 Programme




The People’s Tower

Lost Castles


The Invasion


Compagnie L’homme Debout


2 B Scene S.L

Olivier Grossetête

Olivier Grossetête

Stalker Teatro


Teatr Ósmega Dnia

Woolwich (23 Jun), Hull (31 Aug), Luton (6 Oct)

Slough (25-30 Jun)

Barking & Dagenham (7 Jul)

Birmingham (14-15 Jul)

Liverpool (10-12 Aug)

Barking & Dagenham (21 Jul), Hounslow (11 Aug), Leicester (22 Aug )

Leicester (24-25 Aug)

Doncaster (7-8 Sep)

Watch highlights from 2017


The story so far

  • 65,360 Audience
  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that ‘the event was enjoyable’
  • 4,108 Participants
  • 77% Mid or low engaged audience compared with 57% in national audiences

“A remarkable result for any arts activity” The Audience Agency

“The smile and happiness on my 73 year old dad’s face was priceless, so grateful to you for creating wonderful memories!”

Photos by Vipul Sangoi, Andrew Fox/Birmingham Weekender, James Mulkeen, Jaybright Media, Jimmy Lee, Anete Sooda, David Blood

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