GDIF 2023 | London’s free, annual outdoor performing arts festival 25 August-10 September 2023

Rathbone Roots

Rathbone Roots

9 October, 1PM – 5PM

Join us at Rathbone Market for an afternoon celebration of Canning Town’s cultural vitality with a programme of free dance, music, comedy and street food.

Presented by FESTIVAL.ORG

Part of Newham Unlocked Festival

Sorry, this event has already happened!

What's On

Joseph Toonga, Born to Protest, Dancing City - Various Artists, GDIF, Canary Wharf estate, 4th September 2021

Born to Protest

Joseph Toonga / Just Us Dance


BSL Interpreted

Quincy AKA The Cockney Prince, Rathbone Roots, 2021.

Raise the Roof

Anchor House


Including Jordan Williams, Niveena, Lemzi, Jayd 1 and Victor Daniels

Hosted by Quincy aka The Cockney Prince

BSL Interpreted

Pan Vibration Steel Band, Rathbone Roots, 2021.

Pan Vibration Steel Band


Raise the Roof, The Reggae Choir, Rathbone Roots, GDIF 2021.

Reggae Choir


BSL Interpreted

Yusef Yare, Rathbone Roots, 2021.

Yusef Yare


BSL Interpreted

Alex ‘Mechanikool’ Peters


BSL Interpreted

Lion Dance & Chai Ching, Newham Chinese Association, Rathbone Roots, 2021.

Lion Dance & Chai Ching

Newham Chinese Association



Site Access

There is level access to all performance locations.   

This site is: 

  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Assistance Dog Friendly 
  • Relaxed Environment 

Viewing area 

A priority area for disabled audiences will be marked with a sign or flag. Space for wheelchair users, and a variety of seating options will be available.  

On-site walking distances  


Accessible Toilets 

An accessible portaloo will be on site. Canning Town Library will be open with sterile toilets for those who require them.  

Blue badge parking  

Limited Blue Badge parking available on site at Rathbone Market (Barking Rd, London E16 1GS) 

Access drop-off point 

In the car park at Barking Rd, London E16 1GS.  

Photo route 

Available to download soon in ‘Where to Find it’ section.  


Alex if you have any accessibility questions: [email protected] // 07899 893 935

Find out more about Newham Unlocked here

Show Access

Age: All shows are family friendly  

Find out more about our ‘What to Expect’ icons at:  

1pm: Born To Protest 

Advisory 12+  

Trigger Warning: There are some monkey chants, shouting, and loud music.  

  • Make Some Noise  
  • BSL Interpreted

1.40pm: Raise the Roof 

  • Make Some Noise  
  • BSL Interpreted

3pm: Pan Vibration Steel Band 

  • Make Some Noise  
  • Great for Kids 
  • Speech Free 

Trigger Warning: Loud drumming 

3.20pm: Reggae Choir 

  • BSL Interpreted

4pm: Yusef Yare 

  • BSL Interpreted

4.15pm: Alex ‘Mechanikool’ Peters 

  • BSL Interpreted

4.30pm: Lion Dance & Chai Ching 

  • Sensory Spectacle  
  • Make Some Noise 
  • Speech Free  

Where to find it

Rathbone Market, Canning Town, E16 1EH

Click here to download our photo route for Rathbone Market.

Supported by

Part of Newham Unlocked Festival. Produced by FESTIVAL.ORG.

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